1. Foggy Dew (Canon Charles O`Neill 1919)

 2. March for the King of Laois (Traditional)

 3. Welcome Poor Paddy Home (Charles J. Kickham)

 4. Lord of the Dance (Sydney Carter 1967)

 5. Marie`s Wedding (Johnny Bannerman/Hugh S. Raberton 1963)

 6. Inisheer (Thomas Walsh)

 7. Revenge for Skibereen (Patrick Carpenter 1980)
     Follow me up to Carlow (Patrick Joseph McCall 1899)

 8. Planxty Hewlett (Tourlough O`Carolan)

 9. Molly Malone (James Yorkston/Edmund Forman 1884)

10. Ballydesmond (Polka No.3) Variation (Traditional)

11. High Road to Gairloch/Teribus (Traditional)

12. Peggy Gordon (Traditional)

13. Kerfunken Jig (Martin Hayes)/Jimmy Wards (Jimmy Wards)

14. Whiskey in the Jar (Traditional)

15. Gimme Ya Right (tipping it up to Nancy) (Traditional)

16. Rückzugsmärsche (Conrad Seyfarth)

      I. Farewell to Nigg (Duncan Johnstone)
     II. Itchy Fingers (Pipe Major Robert Pinkman/Patrick Regan/Robert Mathieson)
    III. Shoals of Herring (Traditionals)